Fir or Faux – Dec 2017

The Holiday Season is upon us and festive décor is in the air. Each year persons struggle with the dilemma of fake Christmas trees compared to real Fir trees.

Is there a difference?

What’s the difference?

The first difference is that fake plastic trees carry a higher environmental impact than real trees. Plastic is manufactured from fossil fuels in a factory (usually in China) and shipped across the globe. Fir trees aren’t without footprint though, as most trees are transported by individuals in cars which increases the environmental impact. Each tree goes to a different home in a different car.

The second difference is that plastic trees are not bio-degradable and last for 15+ years after being disposed of. Fir trees are completely degradable and as they break down release compounds that are reused in the cycle of life.

The third and final difference is that firs allow farmers and other people involved in agriculture to profit from their land resources. Land for firs is usually unsuitable for growing other crops (usually hilly or unsuitable soil). Fir farming allows farmers to gain income from blighted land. It’s a source of low energy, low maintenance income.

Another option is a potted living fir which increases in size each year.

We wish you all Happy Holidays,