PlugLoad – Nov 2016

PlugLoad – Nov 2016

You’re rushing, your friend is downstairs and keeps calling your phone. They are ready to go! You are going on a week long road trip and you look at that phone charger and tablet charger plugged into in the wall outlet, not connected to anything and just staring at you .. and you cycle through a quick dilemma of thoughts. Plug it out or keep rushing?

Many times you don’t even remember that it’s plugged in, but this time you see it, and it is clear and plain. What could it hurt right?A bit more than you think.

Each charger plugged into the wall not connected to anything is there sucking very tiny bits of energy, not mention that it is a Fire Hazard! Energy which you and the planet still have to pay for. The statistic on how much energy is consumed by unplugged chargers is in the ballpark of over 20 MW per year. That’s about 20 000 homes.

One sure fire way to combat this phantom of energy is unplug everything that is not in use, giving you space and ease of access to each plug. One can also use surge protector that have a breaker in them which you can turn on and off. Each time you practice unplugging unused plugs, remember that it takes 21 days to make a habit.