EnerScope in a Nutshell – May 2017

EnerScope in a Nutshell – May 2017

I was recently in transit and I sat next to a curious Undergrad Graduate in a restaurant in Winnipeg and what transpired next was an informal interview of sorts. It went as followed:

How did you come up with the idea for EnerScope Consulting?

EnerScope is a group of companies believe it or not but I founded EnerScope Energy after realizing two things. Number 1 is that I really enjoy helping people solve their problems and Number 2 is that I like working with complex numbers and the idea of  Sustainability. It was a passion for quite some time and then a few years ago I decided that passions stay that way until you act on them. So said so done..

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What does EnerScope Energy really do?

EnerScope Energy has become the firm that people come to when their small or medium sized businesses are experiencing rising fixed and variable costs, mostly from utilities. We work with the client and the Utilities to reduce costs and carry out energy efficient upgrades, starting with an energy audit and benchmarking in many cases. In some cases I’ve also done Green House gas quantification and reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility appraisal and Sustainability Strategy consulting.

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How did you come up with the Strategy for that?

Well, EnerScope Energy operates in both Southern Ontario and Barbados for the time being and we’re looking to expand. Energy Conservation is growing as a source of new energy and we want to position the company to offer that service and more. Actually, EnerScope is in a rebranding phase and we’ll be rolling out new features like a new Logo, offering added services like workshops on making your home more efficient and rolling out an energy efficient product line for both home and business. It’s a very exciting time for the firm. Contact us to hear more about updates, discounts and new services.


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The New EnerScope Logo, 2017!