The Mapping behind Pokémon GO – Aug 2016

If the Pokémon GO craze has taught you anything about Mapping, it’s that maps can get  people moving to interact with their environment like never before. If you’ve seen the game, the maps are pretty darn accurate and are in real time.

Pokemon GO maps are in real time and accurate


How did these folks behind the game do it, how are the maps so accurate? Well, for one thing, the creators all started out working on the platform that hosts Google Maps prior to releasing Pokemon. Secondly, They used data from other games they’d previously released such as Ingress to determine high traffic areas where they strategically placed Pokéstops. Pokéstops are usually gyms and public art.


Pokéstops in Toronto


If you think of it, Pokémon is a real-time mapping platform, with a layer for gaming. This opens huge doors for other apps integrating Open Street Maps and other  real-time maps  to make interactive platforms. Apps like Über Eats, PadMapper and RocketMan can offer refreshed geolocation display from updated real-time databases, making them more accurate and effective.