Holiday Safety – Dec 2016

Holiday Safety – Dec 2016

Not many companies have made a market position from Sustainability & Saftey but at EnerScope we like to promote the safety of our readers, clients and general audience.

We know that the Christmas and Holiday season can be particularly risky for some as a number of activites increase. EnerScope has a couple tips for you to help you to get the most out of your Holiday expereince.

Alcohol Consumption

We all do get excited with the number of Christmas Party invites we get but remember to book an Uber or ride with a sober friend if you are going to be drinking. The Ontario RIDE program has also officially begun and apart from putting others at risk, you could spend the big day in the slammer.

Trees & Lights

Be careful where you place your Chirstmas tree if you have one, and definitely be careful where you plug any lights you are displaying. Sources away from heat and water are ideal, with surge protection.


Pay attention to the kitchen area while you are cooking, secially if you are cooking with alcohol. Use alarms, apps and timers to help you to focus and worse yet, avoid falling asleep.

Outdoor Surroundings

When walking in parking lots, alleys and other places, be vigilant of your surroundings. It’s that time of year when it gets dark early and there is increase retail activity in many places.

Be Happy

Call us or come in to our office to set up your Safety Audit.