Emissions? – April 2016

Emissions? – April 2016

In my opinion, there are too many anthropogenic sources of Carbon in our modern world. We do not create carbon directly but is a by-product of systems we use. Think about it… planes, cars, space heating, food, clothing.…and it all is indirect. Have you ever thought of the largest sources?

I’ll tell you one fact; Air travel is high up on the list. Think of how much food and water a hundred ton hawk would consume in a given day. That is a ballpark of what our aircraft consume today, in the form of Jet A1 and Kerosene. What can we do?

Air travel is a large source of emissions. Emissions settle in the upper part of the troposphere, rise and form trap the sun’s heat as it penetrates strata in the atmosphere. An average commercial aircraft emits between 0.15 Kg and 0.3Kg CO2g per kilometer flown (Deduction from International Civil Aviation Organization Data (ICAO).

Air travel is one of the biggest industries on the planet and growing per year. In light of lowering emissions, current routes should be analyzed to determine load and frequency of each route. It is up to us the consumer to be interested in standards on routes with daily and frequent services that constantly underperform by 50%. These routes can and should be amalgamated with connecting routes. Airlines, Airport Authorities, and Governments should mandate flights to be 80% full (cargo) and 75% PAX load (passengers) prior to flying.

Aircraft models leading technology and innovation like the Airbus-A350 and Boeing-787 are integral, leading innovation and research into coming years and lowering the footprint of travel more each year. Sustainable biofuels will also bring investment and lower emission in coming years.