Geothermal Power – Mar 2018

Geothermal Power – Mar 2018

The EnerScope team is back from Iceland and we wanted to share the experience with you. Iceland is one country that knows how to harness Geothermal energy. What makes Iceland prone to exploiting geothermal, is its location and geology. It is sitting between the Eurasian and North American plates, where several lava beds become active as the plates drift apart.  I would argue that this is one country that has a will to use their resources and do so efficiently.


The first thing one notices about Iceland is the landscape. When sipping a homemade cup of tea or hot beverage, there is a faint smell of Sulphur. Iceland produces both electricity and hot water from geothermal, and transports both over 25 km to the capitol Reyjkavik, where most of the population lives. The country does and minimizes loses through designing less connections and joints. We must learn from Iceland.