The Minimal life – June 2016

I know you! You’ve said to yourself before “I think I own too many things”. But how do you get around that? How do you get around collecting too many possessions? Oh Ya know, those clothes in the closet with the store tags still on; Or those shoes you haven’t worn since two years ago..

For one, there are sites like Kind Exchange and Twice where you can sell old clothes. There’s also many pop up Barter sites like Swapcity and Home Exchange where you exchange goods for other goods or services.

The media has been pushing consumerism at us for a while and almost every 10 minutes of the day or less, we see some sort of advertisement, commercial or promotion. Even more so on the internet, especially when using Social Media.




Minimalism is a lifestyle where people are conscious of what they use and are committed to using only what they need. I recently tapped into this lifestyle and it is great! Minimalism is all self-will and determination. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m very excited to see this upcoming film on Minimalism, and of course dumping more “stuff’..