Renewable vs Conservation – Mar 2017

Renewable vs Conservation – Mar 2017

22% of world energy consumption is from renewable energy and another 4% is expected by 2020. For example: Nevada, pushing for its energy mix to be 80% renewable by 2040. But can they do it?

A newly proposed bill (AB 206) increases Nevada’s renewable portfolio from its current 22% goal to 80% by 2040, starting with a 4% increase in 2018-2019. While I think this is great and brings opportunities for investment and all, we should be able to better manage what we have first before we try to get more.

There are a number of local power grids worldwide that are in a state of disrepair and are under stress from constantly expanding over the last 10 years. Starting with the Caribbean & North America, many of them built in the 1960s and are now expanding at exponential rates with the original infrastructure. Emerging markets are experiencing rapid growth as well and an influx of people from rural to urban areas. Now I pose the question: Do we need more energy or could we survive and thrive with using less? Conservation and Minimalism are key to driving society forward to 2050.


Now I pose the question: Do we need more energy generation in the world or conservation?

Conservation and Minimalism are key to driving the world forward to 2050. Majority of the world’s population will continue to live in cities, putting pressure on infrastructure and on climate. In India, a demand/supply mismatch for energy with urban demand soaring is causing the grid collapses. Can this happen anywhere? The sShort answer is yes!

The biggest issues for infrastructure delivery include fuel supply and environmental clearances. Power is and will remain a major sector for investment worldwide and over the next five years we will see a push for investment in both renewables and conservation technology.