Geomatics Consulting

EnerScope offers Geomatics Consulting, GIS Solutions and Digital Cartography.

Our experience runs over 10 years in a field that is constantly evolving and is heavily data driven. Remember, data integrity is our thing.

Our team led by Marcus is all Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Americas (RICS) accredited, and Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) membership is in the pipeline. Our Geomatics services include:

Digital Mapping

Creating digital maps and mapping products including Digital Elevation Models (DEM) creation, Digital Surface Modeling (DSM) and Building Information Inventory creation (BIM) from aerial imagery.

Imagery Analysis

We analyze aerial, satellite and radar imagery after image correction, carrying out trend detection and extraction of information relevant to the project. Imagery analysis lets us make hard copy, soft coy and web-based maps.

CAD Drafting

We do CAD drafting and we are good at it. We execute engineering drawings, schematics proposed house plans and survey plots.